5 Amazing Ways to Use Sheer Curtains

sheer curtains


If you’ve been looking for an easy, stylish way to upgrade your home, look no further than sheer curtains. 

Whether your inner design instincts are calling or whether you simply want a refresh, these curtains have much to offer. Though they’re intended for use as window furnishings, with a little bit of creativity you can use them for more. They’re a straightforward way to enhance your space, without breaking the bank.

Sheer curtains come with benefits including versatility, that you’ll appreciate. For starters they’re light and practical, and are also easy to maintain and decorate with. Aside from adding texture, they also soften a room while making it look elegant and polished. The bonus? They’re functional too.

We’ve previously spoken about how sheer curtains make for excellent window furnishings on their own or combined. Here however, we’re going outside-the-box with alternative uses. We will also look at some important things to consider when making your decisions.


When considering changes to your current setup, there are a few things to think about. So take a few minutes to first study each respective space. Then you can begin ticking off the list below.

  • How will your sheers be hung?
    There are a few options at your disposal, including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, face-fit or concealed within a pelmet. What’s the best option in terms of both looks and practicality for your room?

  • Heading style:
    From double-pinch pleats to box pleats, pencil pleats and S-wave, there are many heading styles available. See our post here for more on this in detail.

  • Width:
    Do you want your sheers to cover just a window, or are you wanting them to run the entire length of the wall?

  • Fabrics:
    Study how light behaves in that particular space. Does it get more morning or afternoon light? The different types of light during the day have different effects, and in turn reflect differently though the curtain. Coloured sheer curtains for example, will further change how light enters the room.


  • Colours:
    Are you looking for your sheer curtains to make a statement or blend in? Do the colours match your current décor in some way? Even if you’re going for an abstract look, it should tie in with the rest of your interiors. This of course includes your walls.

1. Break them Into Sections

This is a great option for when the length and width of the windows don’t matter as much. It involves breaking the curtains into sections, which believe or not, looks very beautiful. It creates a feeling of fullness, as there are several pieces of fabric on the same rod. This also gives it a wavy structure, and a lighter, breezier feel.

This could be an easy way to decorate say, a reading nook, or those spaces that are often unnoticed. By drawing attention to such areas, you can elevate the overall look and feel of your home.

If you’re the type of person who likes quick-fixes with big results, this is worth looking into. You don’t need a drawing board with heaps of ideas, sometimes you just need the right idea.


2. Elevate Your Bedroom with Sheer Curtains

Transform your bedroom into one fit for royalty.

Do you have the luxury of high ceilings and perhaps a four-poster bed? You’re in luck! Sheer curtains look divine draping down from large heights, and exude a sense of grandeur. You can also convert your bedroom into a dreamy little escape, by using them to form a canopy. If not, they can also be used as a backdrop behind your bed. For an extra dose of magic, add some fairy lights as well.

If you have a walk-in closet attached to your master bedroom, then sheer curtains can be used for the entrance. By eliminating the need for a door, you are creating a more open environment, with plenty of airflow and space. You can choose from a range of options with our stylish sheer curtain collection.


3. Use Sheer Curtains to Create a Window Scarf

We’re here to shatter the illusion that this particular design trick is for a reserved few. It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why on earth you never thought about it before. It looks incredibly sophisticated, but is in fact, super easy to do.

All you need for this look is a curtain rod and your sheers. Simply drape your sheer curtains over the rod, and let the front of it hang down. To change it up, you can hang them at different levels, or even mix and match with different shades. 

One thing to remember about this is that if you’re using them on your own, you won’t have a whole lot of privacy. After all, these are sheer curtains. So we recommend using them as an extra decorative touch to other window furnishings like blinds and shutters.


4. Enhance a Doorway or Entryway with Sheer Curtains

Did you know that sheers can instantly transform an ordinary door/ doorway into a special piece of décor

This can include a whole heap of options, such as entrances to patios, sliding doors, and walk-in closets, as mentioned above. As increasingly more people prefer open home plans nowadays, it only makes sense to use sheer curtains in this way. Especially as they can also be used to section off parts of the house easily. 

Sheer curtains are also fantastic for framing porches. Imagine sipping your favourite beverage while the panels softly waft about you. Cosy isn’t it? You can not only better enjoy views of your yard, but also a little extra privacy from the outside world. Create your own little tropical oasis right at home.

5. Layer Sheers With Thicker Curtains

You can layer sheer curtains with blockout curtains, drapes or blinds, to name some of the most common combinations.

This approach is a very popular one. When combined with other window furnishings, sheer curtains really shine through, and they complement each other. 

You also might know how to hang curtains, however a double-curtain rod is needed for this. It’s so that you can hang blockout curtains in front, and then sheers behind them. To make it all look neater, you can fix two hooks on either side of your windows as well. This will allow you to tieback either both, or one of your curtains at a time.

This system gives you a high level of control when it comes to light and privacy. Aside from this, the combination of curtains gives you extra insulation benefits too. You also get to decide whether you want the room to look bolder or softer, by switching between the two.

Regardless of whether you plan to use sheers as a secondary option or on their own, they’re practical and stylish. They’re a great way to give your space a romantic facelift, and add daytime privacy to your rooms. 

Some parts of your home may receive more intense sunlight than others. Sheers can help diffuse this light, allowing it to flow in without being overbearing. When using sheer curtains for areas like sliding doors, be sure to factor in functionality. Here too, tiebacks are useful to keep them out of your way.

And there you have it. 5 amazing ways you can put sheer curtains to good use around your home. Hopefully this has given you some ideas, and if you’d like to discuss them with us, do get in touch. Our team is here to walk you through and help match you with your ideal window furnishing solutions. Take a look at our sheer curtains to get started.

5 Amazing Ways to Use Sheer Curtains
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