5 Key Things To Know When Buying DIY Double-Roller Blinds

What’s not to love about DIY double-roller blinds? They pack in twice the punch, twice the versatility and serving looks all at the same time. That’s more than we can say for some people. Just kidding.

Maybe you’ve heard of double-roller blinds before, maybe you haven’t, or maybe you have a slight idea. Whichever of these it is, we’re here to break it all down so you’ll know exactly what to expect. In other words, by the time you’re done reading, you should be able to decide whether it suits what you’re looking for.


The key thing to know about DIY double-roller blinds is that they give you the best of both worlds

Double-rollers come with two layers. This is typically a blockout and translucent fabric, like sunscreen or light filtering. Either of these is fine as per your needs, but the end goal is to give you two solutions in one product. 

Double-roller blinds for windows are especially great if you want to see outside without much visibility into the space. This is because you can leave the screen blind down. At night, you simply roll down the blockout for complete privacy.

With so many blinds to choose from, you may be wondering what’s so special about this one. If what we just said didn’t help convince you, keep reading. 

1. You can keep your view and your privacy

The tricky thing about privacy is, how do you enjoy the sunlight and views without everyone knowing your business?

This is where DIY double-roller blinds come in handy. We recommend having a browse through the different fabrics and their traits in this blog, as they’re similar for double-rollers. Just head to Step 1: Choosing The Right Transparency With Custom Made Roller Blinds’.

We’ll give you a minute to do that. It’s important because each fabric has its own unique characteristics and performance levels.

Now you’ve got a basic understanding of blockout, sunscreen and light filter fabrics, let’s look at some combos.

We mentioned earlier that these blinds (as per their name) offer two layers. Here are some options you can browse through:


  • Blockout + Sunscreen

Blockout to keep light out and add insulation

Sunscreen to let you enjoy your views

Privacy throughout the day and night

Motorise for added convenience

  • Blockout + Light Filtering

Blockout to keep light out and add insulation

Light filtering to help ‘filter’ light out 

Perfect for bedrooms and lounge rooms

Motorise for added convenience

  • Light Filtering + Sunscreen

Light filter fabric to diffuse light

Sunscreen for UV protection and to reduce glare

Great for spaces not requiring full privacy

Motorise for added convenience

It’s also worth noting that if you have a wider space to cover like sliding or bifold doors, linked double-roller blinds are an option.

They can all be configured to operate on one remote as well for automation.


2. Enhanced insulation 

Double the layers, double the power we say.

Roller blinds in themselves are great at keeping out light, heat and glare, so when you add two, you reap double the benefits. 

The aim is to cover all gaps and cracks that may allow air to transfer. This can be better achieved when there are two blinds on one bracket. Considering windows are the most common culprit, DIY double-roller blinds for windows will fit the bill.

However, insulation doesn’t just pertain to temperature. It also relates to sound. So when you have dual layered blinds, this too is a problem muffled better. 

No matter the size, shape or style of your window, we have a wide selection of double-rollers available in a plethora of styles, colours and textures. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with choices, we’re on-hand to guide you through.

If you are after more choice and flexibility with your custom day / night roller blinds, we highly recommend double-roller blinds. As noted above, they combine blockout and sunscreen fabrics to help you alter between your needs throughout the day. This makes them incredibly versatile for any space.


3: How to install day and night roller blinds

Since you’re going to be measuring for custom double-roller blinds, your measurements are key. This is very important for achieving that glove-like fit because it keeps out those chinks of light. 

If that had you already breaking out into a sweat, fear not. We’ve done the hard work for you and condensed it all into simple guides. And no, they’re not illegible gibberish, just plain English!

Our guides are available for a variety of blinds, but here we’re going to specifically be looking at measuring for double-roller blinds.

Here are two step-by-step videos of how to measure for custom-cut, DIY double-roller blinds accurately:



Note: Always measure in millimetres only.


a) Measure the exact width you would like the blind to cover.

b) Measure to the outside of the architrave or at least 50mm past the window opening.


a) Measure the exact height you would like the blind to cover.

b) Measure to the outside of the architrave or at least 50mm past the window opening. 

NOTE: The blind will be supplied at the sizes provided (we won’t make any deductions).

Note: Always measure in millimetres only.


Measure the depth of the window frame to ensure you have enough space for the blind to operate.


a) Measure the width inside the window frame in 3 places from left to right.

b) Make a note of the smallest measurement.


a) Measure the height inside the window frame in 3 places from top to bottom.

b) Make a note of the smallest measurement.

NOTE: We’ll make slight deductions to ensure the blind fits your window.

4: Automation

Our lives are all about convenience these days, and naturally you want your home to be the same. 

Luckily for us, we live in the digital age where anything is possible. Automating your double-rollers is, in comparison, child’s play.

We do recommend automating them for the sole reason that there are two blinds to operate. As you can see in the images below, each blind runs on its own individual bracket. You’re likely not going to want to get up every single time you want to adjust one of them. Especially not after you’ve made yourself comfy on the couch. Cold fries will never do.

You can choose to opt for chain-operated if you prefer, but we think you’ll like controlling them at the touch of a button. 

Have a chat with us to find out more about how you can go about automating your blinds.


5: Mix-n-Match Patterns For Every Room

Since there are two layers at play, you get more choice in your fabric selections. What a treat!

You can combine a range of different patterns and colours depending on your taste and existing décor. We have an extensive selection, from solid neutrals to light, bright floral patterns you can pick and choose from.

Our collection is aimed at helping you customise your very own look. Additionally, you’ll be happy to know that the double roller blinds price isn’t exponentially more than the regular roller blinds price. So don’t be afraid to explore new ideas, and if you need a second opinion, our team is always here.

5 Key Things To Know When Buying DIY Double-Roller Blinds
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