Blockout Curtains are the go-to curtain treatment for anyone looking to effectively insulate their home, minimise noise pollution, and block out unwanted light. If you want to cut out frustrating screen glare or make sure that your bedroom is dark enough to guarantee a good night’s sleep, Blockout Curtains are for you. 

The key to their versatility lies in their unique coated backing – three blended layers of an acrylic compound that completely prevents light from passing through (not to mention sound and airflow). Plus, did we mention their rich, luxurious look and texture? Combine them with soft sheers underneath for a contrast that gives you the best of both worlds.

Here at Wonderlux we believe that buying the perfect curtain treatment for your home shouldn’t be a hassle. If you’d like a sample of a particular fabric so that you can make sure it suits your home, that’s fine by us! Plus, all our products come with straightforward, easy to follow measuring and installation instructions, meaning you’ll have your new curtains up on the wall in no time.

  • Custom-made right here in Australia
  • Available in Australia’s widest selection of premium light filtering fabrics
  • Order directly from our Canberra factory and save up to 50% OFF retail prices
  • Wide range of fabrics to match and enhance any decor
  • Can be stacked to your liking for opening from centre, left, or right side
  • Maximum width 6,000mm, maximum drop 3,200mm
  • Suitable for any room in your home

Our guarantee – a promise from us to you.

At Wonderlux, we’re proudly local. This means you can be sure that our Roller Blinds are Australian-Made for Australian weather conditions. We believe in the premium quality of our window furnishings so strongly that all our products come with a free 5-year extended warranty. This also includes the parts that originally only had the standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

You’ve got questions. “What about your electronic remote controls and motors?” Well, you won’t need to worry about defects, broken remotes, or technical malfunctioning because they too are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase (batteries excluded).

A bit of fine print

As with most things in life, our guarantee comes with a few simple terms and conditions.

It excludes the following:

  • Damage caused by accidents
  • Damage due to alterations
  • Damage caused by misuse
  • Damage caused by exposure to elements
  • Daily wear and tear
  • Dyes and normal fading of fabrics
  • Damage due to products being fitted in a non-domestic setting
  • Issues resulting from not following instructions correctly with regards to measurement, installation, cleaning or maintenance.

Legal Matters

Should your goods exhibit any major failure, you are entitled to a replacement or refund and you’ll be compensated for any loss or damage that arises. If your goods are simply not up to standard despite not displaying any major failure, it is still your right to have your product repaired or replaced. The guarantee offered by us forms part of the Australian Consumer Law and we trust that you’ll find it  reasonable and easy to understand. Should you have any problems with one of our products, our dedicated customer service team are always here to assist.

Did you know? As much as 50% of your home’s heating and cooling energy may be lost through your windows. Solar heat passes through windows in summer and indoor heating escapes through the windows in winter. Installing Wonderlux blockout curtains in your home will help to trap the ideal temperature inside your home and may reduce your heating and cooling energy costs too.
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