All About Panel Glide Blinds: The Most Contemporary Window Furnishing

Have you been looking for a straightforward and cost-effective way to freshen up your indoor living spaces? Fear not – there’s no need to spend a heap of time (and money) repainting the walls, tearing up the carpets, or overhauling your furniture. Panel Glide Blinds are a versatile and elegant shade solution, perfect for covering up a big window or sliding door in a way that’s sleek yet functional.

 Don’t get it twisted – they’re great for smaller spaces too. But if you’re looking for a contemporary alternative to Vertical or Venetian Blinds, look no further than Panel Glide Blinds. The thing with Panel Glide Blinds, however, is that they’re still relatively new. You might not know them by name, even if you’ve seen them before. We figured it was about time to throw them a bit of a welcome party and explain exactly why they’re so great!


Sleek & Contemporary

Panel Glide Blinds are a stylish alternative to traditional vertical Blinds. They’re crafted from flat fabric panels, with a really eye-catching broad, rectangular structure. In a sense they’re almost like wide curtains, only with a far more modern appeal. The panels are visually understated, and can work in a variety of spaces. Whether closed or fully extended, they have a subtle, forward-thinking elegance that will age really well. They shine brightest when used as a covering for larger windows, where the panels can emphasise the space in a room to striking effect. 

When it comes to colours, the sky is the limit. Add colour to a neutral room with a vibrant blue or green, or opt for a contrast with a selection of subtle pastels. Remember that earthy colours will make a room feel warmer and more traditional, while cooler tones will create a more expansive, contemporary ambience. Whatever your choice, Panel Glide Blinds will add another dimension to your living spaces and the options to choose from are just about endless.

Set The Tone

Panel Glide Blinds are available in an extensive range of fabrics with differing levels of light transmission. This gives you the ability to mix and match the panels to attain the perfect balance of privacy and gentle sunlight. For a family room or home cinema, a Blockout fabric is perfect, because it will allow you to ensure complete darkness when you want it. The added bonus here is that many Blockout fabrics have strong insulation properties, meaning that the temperature of a room will be kept regulated while harmful UV rays are kept out. 

For spaces that require a little bit more natural light, like a living room or bedroom, opt for a sunscreen blind to keep out excessive heat and glare without casting the room into total darkness. 

Finally, you’ve got light-filtering blinds, which are somewhere in the middle and can help to strike the perfect balance between the two extremes. Light-filtering Panel Glide Blinds will cut out the harsh rays that you don’t want, while allowing softer sunshine to pass through. This has a really pleasant effect, keeping your living space light and spacious without it becoming glary. 

Easy Of Operation

Panel Glide Blinds often get compared to curtains – which isn’t actually too far from the truth. The most obvious similarity between the two is their mode of operation. Panel Glide Blinds slide across a track, with the fabric stacking together against the wall or within the window/door cavity. The easy-glide operation system of Panel Glide Blinds makes for easy access to your large windows or sliding doors. It’s quiet, clever, and means that the vertical fabric panels neatly tuck themselves away when the system is retracted, so that you can enjoy the view with plenty of natural sunlight. Plus, unlike curtains, they’re super versatile – open your Panel Glides from the right, left, or in the middle, with a stack on either side. 

It’s this Panel Glide system that makes them such an innovative option for large windows, sliding doors, and bi-fold doors. The smoothness of the mechanism aligns with the on-trend minimalist decorating style, plus – low maintenance! Panel Glide Blinds require minimal upkeep, and can easily be unclipped and tossed in the washing machine if they get stained. Otherwise, the flat fabric panels will be protecting your furniture, flooring, and interior possessions from long-term discolouration and fading from UV damage. 

You can even decide on a wand operation system to move the panels freely, giving you increased control over the way you can adjust and position the shades. This will allow you to block light coming from certain angles, depending on the time of day. All in all, Panel Glide Blinds are a cost-effective and functional way to give your living spaces a sleek makeover. If you’re looking for a contemporary alternative to curtains or vertical blinds – you’ve found it. 

All About Panel Glide Blinds: The Most Contemporary Window Furnishing
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