Blockout Blinds vs. Blockout Curtains

blockout blinds and curtains

Word on the street is that blockout blinds and curtains are all the rage. So we took to the streets to find out more. 

In a world taken over by a vast range of window furnishings in an array of designs and styles, curtains reign supreme. In fact, they continue to be a staple in interior design, and it’s easy to see why. They have transcended generations, gracing countless homes with their presence. 

However, blinds are also hailed for being leaders in their own right, and come with a myriad of their own offerings. For instance, they allow for more precise light and privacy control. As a result, many people still face a tough choice when it comes to deciding whether curtains or blinds are the right way to go. 

Of course this ultimately boils down to your personal preference; but we hope this article will help offer some direction. We know there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration. This can include catering to your overall design scheme, as well as what the room needs.

For instance, you may assume that the reason your baby’s nursery is either too hot or too cold is because the thermostat is acting up. But no. 

Chances are, your existing window furnishings or lack of, are the culprits. There likely isn’t enough insulation to maintain a stable room temperature, as air transfers too easily.

This is where made-to-measure blinds or curtains can help.

You’ll find that curtains come in two main types: Blockout and sheer. As you may have guessed by their names, when it comes to transparency and insulation the two have different offerings. Blockout roller blinds in turn can be paired with sunscreen or light filter fabrics (like sheers), to give you the best of both worlds with double-roller blinds for example. 

Here we’ll take a closer look at blockout curtains and blinds, helping you determine their suitability for your needs.


1. Are blinds or curtains better?

The main trait that sets apart blockout curtains from sheer curtains, is that they’re lined. This makes the fabric thicker, and heavier, and designed for keeping out light. In fact, this is their best-kept secret. It’s what makes blockout curtains, blockout. 

They’re perfect for spaces you want to keep cool and dark, like the bedroom or even a soundbooth or media room for instance. They’re especially favoured in bedrooms, as they can help you get a good night’s sleep by also muffling sound to a certain degree.

Additionally, if you live closer to your neighbours than you’d like, these curtains can help you plan a secret escape without anyone knowing. What we mean to say is that when drawn, nobody can see inside.

Blockout blinds have the same advantages, but not the same aesthetics that curtains typically offer. From heading styles to trimmings and borders, curtains can be dressed to the nines. So in terms of looks they’re very different, which you’ll want to take into consideration depending on your vision. 

Another important point to consider is space. How much space can you afford for your window furnishings? 

Curtains are rather voluminous and consist of swathes of fabric. So they’re well-suited to larger rooms that have plenty of space for the curtain to be drawn. Blinds, on the other hand, are suited for all spaces, as they simply roll up or down the length of the window. So if you’re working with a smaller space, blinds are probably a better option.

When it comes to deciding whether blinds or curtains are better, at the end of the day it’s all about your vision and needs. You want to make sure the final result is both enticing and practical.


2. Do blackout blinds make a difference?

If you’re a night-shift worker, new parent trying to get your baby to sleep or have light sensitivity for instance, read on.

Yes, they absolutely make a difference, as blackout blinds can help you get some much needed rest. At night, they can be useful for keeping those annoying streaks of light from street lamps sneaking in. And they’ll also stop those early morning rays from waking you at the crack of dawn, while keeping harsh sunlight of the day away.

This makes blockout blinds great for your little one’s room too, ensuring they’ll have uninterrupted sleep. Music to any parent’s ears are we right? They are also available in a range of fun kiddie prints to sweeten the deal. 

Additionally, if you work night-shift hours or suffer from migraine, this small but mighty feature will be a godsend. Blackout blinds have the power to keep out light completely, while giving you total control.


3. Do blackout blinds keep all light out?

Just as their name suggests, blackout blinds do indeed keep all light out. After all, that is their primary function. The secret is in their tightly woven fabric, which prevents light from coming in.

By installing blockout blinds over your windows, you can also prevent cold air from seeping through, and conserve inside heat. In other words, the transfer of air between the two spaces is minimised. This means that you get to enjoy your space in comfort, instead of fiddling with the thermostat every 10 minutes. 

In Summer, you’ll find them to be particularly useful. By blocking light, they automatically also keep heat at bay. 

The only difference between blockout and blackout curtains, is that the latter gives you 100% blackout. Blockouts would be a fraction less.


4. Are blackout blinds good for you?

In short, we think they are a necessity. Every space needs privacy and light control, and there’s no better way to do this than with blackout blinds.

If all that wasn’t good enough, blockout window furnishings have an added benefit. They can help minimise sound. 

Now to be clear, they won’t soundproof your room. But they will help with noise insulation.

Again, it’s because of the thickness achieved by the many layers they integrate. So if you live in an area that’s subject to lots of traffic and therefore a lot of sound, these babies can help.

They can also be especially useful in these times, when most of us are working from home and need some peace and quiet. It’s difficult to hear yourself think when sounds of the day keep coming through.And let’s not forget trying to conduct that Zoom meeting in peace!

While blockout curtains can’t keep sound out 100%, they certainly do a lot to absorb it.


5. Do blackout blinds need to be black?

Though their name says blackout, that doesn’t mean that they need to be black per se. In fact, they can be whatever colour you prefer, including patterns too. The term ‘blackout’ refers to their functionality, as opposed to description. They’re typically made out of two pieces of fabric, the first being the curtain design/ pattern of choice and then the backing layer. It’s the latter that’s responsible for keeping out light. This backing is applied to all blockout curtains.

We have an extensive range of blockout blinds on offer, in a dazzling array of styles, colours and textures. From neutral to darker and lighter shades, you have plenty to choose from and play with. Our extensive selection of roller blinds, double-roller blinds, Romans, verticals and more, are designed to suit every taste and space.

Every household is different, so some may choose the same style throughout, others may mix and match. Blinds are often favoured to be the more contemporary solution, though curtains do make a bigger statement.

Your needs are unique, so it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Take the time to assess your requirements, then weigh them up against your options. If you’re having trouble deciding, just reach out to one of our team and we will gladly assist you.

Your roller blinds can either be chain-operated or motorised. Both are 100% child-safe as our blinds are always designed with child-safety in mind.

We offer an innovative range of motorised blind options that can be connected to your smart home and controlled by your voice or mobile phone. You can stay right where you are and enjoy uninterrupted Netflix marathons by banishing glare at the touch of a button.



By now, you’re probably fretting about how much it’s all going to cost. Well, here’s the kicker – less than those retail prices in a showroom. What’s more, we don’t do ‘off-the-shelf’. Our collection of blockout curtains like all our products, are meant to be customised. So you’ll be able to get your hands on tailor-made, luxury window furnishings that’ve been manufactured right here in Australia. 

We hope this has given you some insight into blinds and curtains, and how they can be useful in their own ways. If you need some help making some decisions, we’re right here. Get in touch with us for some brainstorming and guidance.

Blockout Blinds vs. Blockout Curtains
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