Buy Roller Blinds Online Australia: Wonderlux Makes It Easy

Whether you’ve just bought your first home and want to make sure it’s perfect or you’re a seasoned homeowner keen to embark on some much-needed renovations, brand new DIY blinds and DIY curtains are a great way to refresh your living spaces. You can dramatically change the entire look of your home without having to break the bank or have any existing interior design knowledge, and it’s always best to buy roller blinds online.

Before Wonderlux and similar online retailers, the only way to get custom blinds and custom curtains for your living spaces was to waste your time wandering around a showroom, fending off pushy salespeople and enduring long delays before someone came round to install your product. But we realised that you’re far better off spending your time actually enjoying your living spaces with friends and family. That’s why many diy blinds and diy curtains retailers actually offer blinds quote and blinds price online – to save you, the customer, a heap of time and money!


There are a couple of major selling points when you finally make the decision to buy roller blinds online, especially when buying roller blinds online Australia. We thought we’d give you a quick rundown to help you leave showrooms, big markups, and long delays behind for good!

Buy Roller Blinds Online & Save Money

When you buy blinds from any old retailer, whether it’s a hardware store or a branded company, you’re usually buying from a middle-man. They don’t make their own blinds and curtains in-house. They rarely even make their products in Australia. Often, they import cheap products and components and assemble them here. To boost their profit margins, they hike up the prices. They also have to pay their staff and a whole host of other expenses, and the person that gets caught when the music stops is  – that’s right – you. Buying DIY blinds and DIY curtains – whether they’re DIY roller blinds, DIY roman blinds, DIY double roller blinds, DIY day/night blinds, or DIY venetian blinds – will be far cheaper and easier for you if you buy roller blinds online. Don’t believe us? Get your blinds quote or blinds price online and compare the difference. 

You Can't Beat Australian-Made Roller Blinds

So – if these large retailers and hardware stores are selling such cheap blinds at such exorbitant prices, how can you ensure that you’re getting a good diy blinds quote and a good quality product? Here’s how. Make sure that you as to whether the blinds and curtains that you’re buying are Australian-made. Australian-made blinds and curtains are going to be manufactured using higher-quality materials, and they’ll be made right here on Aussie soil. That supports the local economy, and you get a way better product quality-wise. So if you’ve noticed that the diy blinds quote and diy blinds price quality is barely comparable when you put the ones from large retailers side-by-side with the ones offered by dedicated home improvement businesses like Wonderlux, you’ll know the reason! 

Install Your DIY Roller Blinds In A Jiffy

We get it – DIY Blinds and DIY Curtains online Australia can be off-putting for those of us that are hopeless when it comes to DIY and home installation. Companies definitely don’t make it easy for the consumer. We’ve been there too, getting frustrated at instruction manuals full of ridiculous diagrams and technical language. You spread out all of the components of your product on the ground and it seems like the job is beyond your grasp. It shouldn’t be that hard, and it doesn’t have to be – so at Wonderlux, we made it easy. The process is simple. You get a cheap blinds quote from us, you put in your blind or curtain measurements, and we send you perfectly-crafted custom blinds and custom curtains directly to your home. Our installation guides were written by our own team, so they’re super simple and easy to follow. Installing your diy blinds and diy curtains should never be a source of stress, and we’re always on hand to make sure that the process is smooth and fun.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed reading through our reasons why you should never hesitate to buy roller blinds online Australia. You might be able to find cheap roller blinds online, and get yourself a high-quality custom blinds product that allows you to enhance your existing decor and bring new life to your living spaces.

Buy Roller Blinds Online Australia: Wonderlux Makes It Easy
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