Can Existing Blinds Be Motorised?

Can your current blinds be motorised? 

If you’re loving your blinds but not so much the functionality, you may likely be thinking about motorising them. In other words, automating them. 

You’re certainly not alone. Most don’t really want to manually open and close their blinds every single day. Especially if the entire home is fitted with them. So at a time when technology leads us by the hand, it only makes sense to look into their motorisation. This means you can have your blinds opening and closing at set times during the day.

While the blinds themselves won’t come with the timer functions that make this possible, they can be programmed. They do this by connecting to a smart home device, for which you need the Acmeda Hub. This is an extra component you’d need to facilitate these superior functionalities because we use the Acmeda motorisation system.


This simple yet effective solution is an easy way to introduce your home into the smart home era. You can open your blinds in the morning without leaving your bed, and close them by the time you get home. You can even have them operating on their own when you’re away and need some sunlight coming in. It also gives the illusion that someone is home, which helps with your peace of mind.

We don’t offer retrofitting services which is the process of motorising existing blinds. However, our rollers, double-rollers and Romans can be ordered as DIY motorised blinds. Let’s take a closer look at motorisation as a whole.

1. Can You Motorise Cordless Blinds?

In short, yes you can. Cordless simply means that there are no cords or chains controlling the blinds. However, they can still accommodate motorisation when needed. Typically this is done either with a remote or motorised wand. The second option does defeat the purpose of automation, which is to operate the blinds remotely. Using a wand means you still need to be physically present to open and close them. So if this is the main functionality you’re after, using the remote is best.

2. Can Motorised Blinds Be Used Manually?

As much as we’ve come to rely heavily on technology in our daily lives, it’s good to never bank on it 100%. After all, you never know what could go wrong. For this reason, motorised blinds can also be operated manually. That way, even if something were to break down or the batteries run out of power, you can still use them. You don’t need to worry about sitting in the dark when it’s the middle of the day!

3. Do You Have to Change the Battery on Your Blinds?

With smart blinds, the operating system is dependent on motors. These motors are battery-operated, and fit inside the roll. It’s definitely well-disguised, as nothing can be seen externally. 

As the motors run on battery, they do need to be charged but not changed. To charge them, you needn’t remove the motors or take your blinds down. Simply plug them in. The Acmeda motorisation system we use allows for 500 shade cycles per charge. These numbers can vary slightly depending on the size and weight of the fabric. The motors can also be recharged for around 500 times. Additionally, the batteries can’t be overcharged as the circuit shuts off power one the battery is fully charged.

4. How Much Does It Cost to Install Automatic Blinds?

If you’re looking to retrofit your blinds, prices can vary from provider to provider. We highly recommend thinking about motorisation when buying new blinds. This way, you can include motorisation from the start; not as an afterthought. Aside from being easier in terms of the process, the cost is only a little higher than normal blinds. Additionally, you’ll be paying for it all in one go.

Our website has been designed to give you on-the-spot quotes. So if you’re on the hunt for roller, double-roller or Roman blinds, you can check how much the motorised versions will cost. You’ll instantly find out how much you can expect to spend for the best DIY blinds.


To sum up, motorised blinds have grown exponentially in popularity. They continue to be in high demand because of their ease and convenience. After all, the ability to remotely control all your blinds at the same time, is simply irresistible. They’re beneficial for any space, and the best part is you don’t even have to be home. As they can be easily hooked up to a smartphone, you can operate them from anywhere at any time. Simply pair your smart devices with the Acmeda hub. Use specified timer functionalities that allow your blinds to open and close when you want them to daily. This way, they’ll do the job all on their own.

Wondering how to find the right DIY blinds for your home? Ask us about our motorised rollers, double-rollers and Roman blinds. Yes, even when you buy roller blinds online, they can still be motorised. We’re here to help guide you through any queries you may have. Reach out to the team for more information.

Can Existing Blinds Be Motorised?
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