Custom Blinds Online Vs Ready-Made: Which Is Better For Your Home?

If you’re looking to make some improvements to your living space, Roller Blinds are a great way to do so. They’re a window furnishing that works top-down – just roll them down for full privacy, or roll them up to let the sunlight stream in. From an interior design standpoint, they’re a timeless classic. Stylish, functional, and easy to install, they’ll add serious value to your home and look great doing it.

 Plus, why buy ready-made Roller Blinds when they are often cheaply imported and poorly crafted? Custom Blinds Online are made from premium quality materials and are often constructed locally, so you get a reassuring guarantee of their longevity. Given the growing popularity of Custom-Made Roller Blinds, especially those available online, we thought we’d take a look at a couple of reasons why you might be interested in installing them in your home.  


Custom Blinds Online Give You Unbeatable Versatility

Home renovations have a reputation for being time consuming and super expensive. That doesn’t always have to be the case. A simple window furnishing – like a Roller Blind – can be an affordable way to modernize your space. Roller Blinds offer a clean, minimal look, with simple lines that sit flush against the window. Because they can be measured and fitted to the millimetre, they’re far more space-efficient than alternative treatments such as curtains and don’t require the extra installation space. This makes them perfectly suited for oddly-shaped windows or difficult-to-reach places. Visually, their understated look will emphasise other features within a room rather than grabbing attention.  

Opt for Custom Blinds Online to create the illusion of space – helping a small room feel larger and less claustrophobic. From a functionality standpoint, they’re equally useful, offering you increased control over the amount of fresh air and sunlight you want to enter a room. Simply roll them up in the day to bask in the afternoon sun, and roll them down in the evenings to enjoy your living spaces with total peace of mind. When Roller Blinds are down, they’re down, and no-one’s seeing in. Perfect for a street-facing room or apartments in busy, built-up urban areas. 

Warm In Winter, Cool In Summer...Plus Peace & Quiet!

If you dread your energy bills each quarter and want a way to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, look no further. Often, people don’t realise that the glass windows and doors of their home are poor insulators that allow both warm and cool air to pass through freely. Roller Blinds are a cost-effective solution!

When blocking out unwanted light, Roller Blinds are also simultaneously making your heating and air-conditioning up to 30% more efficient. By stabilising the temperature in your home, you’ll be happier, more comfortable, and better off financially. It’s a no brainer! 

Plus, insulation doesn’t always mean temperature. How about protection from noise as well as weather? If you live near a busy road and are fed up with the constant sounds from the street, you’ll be happy to hear that Roller Blinds boast strong noise insulation properties. It works two ways – you’ll longer be kept awake by traffic from the road, and you won’t have to worry about angry neighbours when you’re hosting a get-together.

Longevity & Low Maintenance

If you’re going to buy a custom-made Roller Blind and install it yourself, you want a guarantee of its long-term quality. You’ll be happy to hear that Roller Blinds are among the most durable window treatments on the market, especially when custom-made with Aussie components. The best retailers offer a window furnishing solution consisting of stainless steel, long-lasting polyester fabric, and a modern, streamlined operating system. Make sure to check the origin and quality of the components, and you can be sure that your Roller Blinds will bring you comfort and privacy for years to come. 

Plus, many sunscreen blind fabrics come specially treated to resist UV rays. What this means is that when you have your blinds drawn, you’re actually protecting your floors, carpets, and interior possessions from long-term fading and discolouration from sun damage. As if that wasn’t enough, the fabric of modern Roller Blinds is often anti-static, naturally repelling dust and dirt for low maintenance and easy cleaning. 

Endless Style Options

Sure, Roller Blinds are a functional solution to your privacy concerns. But don’t just think of them as a way of covering up a window to stop light coming through. They’re actually a really effective way of elevating your home’s interior design scheme, and their potential for styling is pretty much endless. They’ve got minimal componentry,  being comprised of a simple metal roller and a sheet of fabric. This makes them a perfect fit for contemporary homes, because they can fit inside a deep window without needing additional casings or installation screws.

That brings us to the fun stuff – colours and shades. Think about what you will be using the room for when deciding on a colour, and keep in mind that the level of transparency will differ between fabrics. The amount of light that can pass through the blind will alter your privacy, view of the outside, and the way that the features within the room will look visually. What this means is that a darker Blockout fabric will probably look best in a bedroom, while a more moderate pastel fabric will have a great effect in a living room or family space. 

We’ve noticed that neutral tones like white and grey are the most popular choice when it comes to Roller Blind fabric. This is because they’re super versatile – a neutral colour will pair well with any space, and is especially suited to the sort of sleek, modern design choices that are all the rage currently. At the end of the day, it comes down to the look that you envision for your living space. Warmer tones are earthier, and will make a room feel more traditional in atmosphere. Think browns, yellows, and greens for this sort of cosy ambience. Cooler hues are more oriented towards minimalism and emphasising the negative space in a room. Roller Blinds are great because they’re available in such an extensive range of styles – from plain to textured, warm to cool. Have fun with it!

Custom Blinds Online Vs Ready-Made: Which Is Better For Your Home?
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