DIY Blinds/Do It Yourself Blinds: What You Need To Know

Are you currently looking to update your interior window furnishings? DIY Blinds, also known as Do It Yourself Blinds, are a great way to do so. Maybe you’re thinking of a sleek, minimal roller blind with clean lines that will sit against your window. Or maybe a regal and distinguished DIY roman blind that will give you great light protection. If none of this is making sense to you, that’s okay. We understand that sometimes the language and terminology used in the window furnishing industry can be a little difficult to understand – and that’s why we’ve put together this Wonderlux article. 

What do you mean when you say ‘blockout blind’ – is it the same as ‘blackout blind’? Are Venetian Blinds still in fashion? And is it difficult to put do it yourself blinds together? Never fear. We’ve decided to put together a quick explainer to help translate some difficult DIY Blind-related words and take the guesswork out of buying curtains online and buying blinds online. We hope it helps!


Why Should I Try DIY Blinds/Do It Yourself Blinds?

Here’s a simple one to start with, and it’s pretty easily answered. Usually when you want a new window furnishing solution for your home, you have to go to a showroom. No-one likes going to a showroom – they’re weird, off-putting, and feel nothing like your actual home. It’s really hard to visualise what a particular diy blind or diy curtain solution is going to look like when it’s hanging on the gyprock wall of a showroom. The salespeople are pushy and intrusive, and they never really listen to your needs. Plus – there’s always a massive delay on getting someone out to do a check/measure. Extended lead times are quite common when getting a roller blinds quote or general blinds quote, and the blinds price are often elevated unnecessarily. It’s cheaper, easier, and far less of a headache to just buy blinds online! 

Greater Style Choice - DIY Roller Blinds, DIY Venetian Blinds...The List Goes On!

You might think that when you go to buy blinds online, you’re going to get a narrower selection of window furnishing products than you would get at a brick-and-mortar retailer. Surely it’s too difficult to manufacture and ship something like a DIY Venetian Blind without going through a middle-man? Not the case! Basically, the middle-man is something that online window furnishing boutiques (like ours at Wonderlux) attempt to do away with completely. The idea of having someone come out to your property, measure all your windows, and then send those measurements to their colleague at the factory is a process that we believe is completely unnecessary. Measuring your window spaces is super easy to do and you can do it yourself in about a minute flat. The traditional process is time consuming and costly, and so by plugging your measurements into our intuitive, easy-to-use website, we’re able to give you perfectly crafted custom blinds and expertly designed DIY blinds/do it yourself blinds at a fraction of the cost you’d get usually – and without the massive delays, too! We’ve got DIY roller blinds, DIY roman blinds, and timber venetian blinds online – take your pick!

The Benefits - Do It Yourself Blinds & Curtains Online Can Enhance Your Living Spaces

Time for the fun stuff. When it comes to window furnishings, there are basically no wrong answers – especially when you’re buying diy blinds online and curtains online. Opt for DIY Roller Blinds online for a sleek and minimal window furnishing solution with no-fuss componentry and operation. They’re a great choice that provides you with strong light and sun protection, and the option for privacy when you want it – no matter the time of day. Alternatively, you can go for DIY Roman Blinds – they’re a stylish window furnishing with neat fabric panels that fold away cleanly, and make for a fantastic window feature all on their own. Try Timber Look Venetian Blinds – that’s  DIY Venetian Blinds online – if you want the durability of PVC blinds with the long-lasting visual effect of a timber finish. Perfect for spaces that get a bit of extra moisture. To bring a bit of drama and hotel luxury to your living room or bedroom, you can’t go past a diy sheer curtain combo with a blockout curtain or blackout curtain attached. It’s the ultimate in privacy, light control, and looks a million bucks. 

Hopefully this brief guide has helped you understand the best way to buy blinds online and buy curtains online! DIY blinds/do it yourself blinds are a fantastic way of refreshing your home’s decor without having to break the bank or wait months. For more information on selecting the right window furnishing for your home, visit our blog.

DIY Blinds/Do It Yourself Blinds: What You Need To Know
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