Everything You Need to Know About Buying New Window Blinds

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Time to buy new window furnishings for your home? Then it’s most certainly worth looking into everything about buying new window blinds. After all, they’re more of an investment than just another interior design project. 

While the blinds themselves are simple and straightforward in their nature, the process of selecting the right ones calls for more. With such a wide range of options to choose from, it’s understandable if you’re unsure about which way to go. But that’s exactly what we’ll be aiming for here, by addressing some key points. 

Overall, you want your blinds to not only function in terms of light control and privacy, but also add to visual appeal. You can personalise the look and feel of your space easily, with the right style, colours and fabrics. Additionally, when they’re DIY, you get to save a ton. If you’re perhaps transitioning from curtains to blinds, it can help to be fully updated on the subject for knowledge. And knowledge, as someone once said, is power.

If you’ve been wondering how everyone else always seems to get it right, fear not. We’re here to unravel some handy tips that’ll exceed your expectations, for a space that’s uniquely yours. Trust us, it’s no contest. Look forward to dressing up your rooms in refreshing and exceptional styles that make them an instant eye-catcher.

1. Consider the Budget

Okay, let’s start with the elephant in the room; your budget. The battle tends to usually be 

DIY Blinds VS. Regular Retail. The good news is that when you opt for the DIY route, you have the best of everything. That’s exactly why we’ve made this option a possibility. For up to 70% off retail prices, you can get your hands on high quality, locally-manufactured luxury blinds. This system helps eliminate middlemen and commissions, which in turn does away with passing on these costs to customers. This means that you get to make your choices without limitations. 

Still, some blinds will cost more than others depending on the type you choose. For instance, Venetian blinds will be more expensive than roller blinds because of their style and intricate nature. So work out how much you can afford to spend first, then start narrowing your choices based on this. 

2. Size and Position of the Window

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, windows are unique. This means that different windows need different window furnishing solutions. Not all windows will be the same shape and size in a home. Some may be square, others round or arched. Skylights are also a form of window. You can customise your blinds accordingly, to fit such shapes.

Joining this list are sliding doors. They are more a very large and expansive window, which calls for blinds that suit such a space. Typically, vertical blinds, panel glide blinds and curtains are popular choices because of how large and user-friendly they can be. Chances are, there’s a lot of traffic around your sliding door and you want easy access in and out. These window furnishing options can help you do just that. 

3. Privacy Should Be a Key Consideration Factor

If you live far away from people (and we don’t blame you one bit), and your only neighbours are trees and hills, this might not be a priority. However, if you have to deal with peeping Toms on the daily, then you’ll be concerned about privacy. You want to be able to live freely in your own home after all, without constantly looking over your shoulder. 

You’ll be glad to know that all blinds are designed to offer privacy. However, it’s worth noting that different types of blinds offer different levels of privacy control. For instance, the most basic roller blinds can only be rolled up or down. Venetian blinds on the other hand, have individual slats that can be rotated as needed. This allows you to still let in light while maintaining privacy. You can also precisely reduce glare, so they’re great if you want more control.


4. Increase Natural Light

Sunlight is essential for our health and well-being. So you want to be sure that your blinds let in enough of it when you need them to. Too much, and you’ll be letting in extra heat, while also exposing your interiors to harmful UV rays.

The trick is to assess each room for what it is. If some rooms face too much sun during the day, you want blinds that will limit this without making it feel like a cave. The last thing you want is to sit in darkness when it’s the middle of the day. The right blinds can help with this, and it all depends on the level of control you want. For instance, double-roller blinds come with a blockout and sunscreen/ light filtering layer in one. This will allow you to switch from day to night as needed. The secondary layer is excellent for gently diffusing light, without cutting it out completely. 

5. Energy Efficiency

Sick and tired of spending too much on your energy bills? We hear ya. In fact, this is the bane of everyone’s existence. We also understand that you need to crank up the thermostat in Winter and bring on the cool in Summer. However, without proper insulation, this air is easily lost; bringing you back to square one. 

The primary reason for this is glass windows. If they don’t have the right coverings, air can escape. So your blinds certainly have a critical role to play here. While you can choose any type of blind to help combat this, we must also talk about measuring and fitting. These two things are important to ensuring your blinds fit just right. Too big or too small, and they won’t be able to effectively do their job. Blinds can definitely help you regulate the temperature in your home, so it stays comfortable for longer. If you’re looking for a DIY blinds installation guide, be sure to check out our ‘Guides’ section.

6. The Style of Your Choice

Now that we’ve got the technicalities out of the way, the fun begins. This is all about creativity, so let it rip. 

Amongst the hundreds of looks you can create for a space, two things dictate the final result. This includes whether you’re going for something that really stands out, or something that blends in and pulls a room together. The style of blinds you choose and the accompanying colours and patterns will contribute to each of these goals. Are you going for something contemporary? Perhaps it’s a classic, old-school look? Or perhaps, it’s something abstract or completely boho. 

You can even mix ‘n match, creating bespoke looks for each room. There’s no hard and fast rule that says everything must look the same. You can carve personalities for them, based on the purpose of the space. It helps your home build more character, and stand out from the pack. Plus, it’s a golden opportunity to flex your interior design chops.

This is all further sweetened by the fact that you can order DIY motorised blinds online as well. Our rollers, double-rollers and Romans can all be automated for your convenience, so you have more flexibility. You can programme your blinds to open and close at specific times of the day, so even if you’re not home, they’ll do their thing. Great for when you want to pretend you’re home!

And last but not least, if you’re having trouble making the right choice then be sure to get in touch. Our team of expert consultants are always available to chat and walk you through the process. From picking the right blind style for you as well as complementing fabrics and colours, we leave no stone unturned. So go on, let’s get started.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying New Window Blinds
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