On The Hunt For Blinds With A Difference? Check Out Our Panel Blinds

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panel blinds

On The Hunt For Blinds With A Difference? Check Out Our Panel Blinds

The beauty of living in the 21st-century is that we’re certainly not short of options. If you want something, chances are, you’ll find it. Whether that’s legally or not, well, we don’t need to know, but it does include finding the right panel blinds.

In the past, we’ve had customers enquiring about panel blinds. This includes what kind of blinds they are, and where/ when would one consider using them?

We think panel blinds certainly have their own persona. Firstly, they look different to ‘blinds’ in the traditional sense. Secondly they bring you the elegance of curtains as well as the functionality of blinds in one easy product. 

These guys have so much more to offer than your average blind. So let’s take a closer look at panel blinds and if they’re right for you.

Choose the charm of panel blinds when you buy blinds 

Let’s kick things off with a closer look at the design features that typically accompany panel blinds. 

They consist of individual fabric panels and multiple tracking channels. This means they can move effortlessly as they glide up and down when you open and close them. The accompanying wand replaces the usual cord/ chain mechanism enhancing its look and simplicity. This also makes them a very safe option for households with kids and pets. Definitely an important consideration when you buy blinds online in Australia. Safety is paramount. 

The individual panel set-up gives them a clean, streamlined look, with absolutely no nonsense about them. Plus, they can be opened from the right, left or centre, giving you a higher degree of autonomy and making them ideal for larger spaces.

Unique and Stylish

Panel blinds can be used in place of vertical blinds. In fact, they commonly are. They’re already unique in the way they operate as we just explained, but when you combine them with various fabric options, you open the doors to a whole new interior design adventure. In short, they come in a range of configurations that allow them to blend into any décor.

They’re designed to delight whether they’re opened or closed. When open, you’ll find that each of the panels stack neatly behind each other; when they’re closed, they put on a complete fabric display, with the panels overlapping each other. This in turn seals out light gaps, giving you better control overall. So panel glides are very convenient to operate, without compromising on all the good stuff. All of the things that should matter when you prep to buy blinds.

Did you know that on top of being used as a substitute for vertical blinds, panel blinds also work a charm as room dividers? So if you’ve been weighing up a room-separating-apparatus that hasn’t quite fit the bill yet, why not consider this instead? Take a gander at the space in question as you read this, and see if that might be a better idea.

If you’re still feeling iffy, our 120-day satisfaction guarantee promises to look after you if what you’ve ordered isn’t really ticking off all your boxes. So fear not, go on and have a play!

On The Hunt For Blinds With A Difference? Check Out Our Panel Blinds
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