Pairing Sheer Curtains with Roller Blinds

Sheer curtains with roller blinds

Are you amongst those now opting for custom window furnishings? Then you’re part of the many who’ve realised their many advantages over readymade versions.

In particular, sheer curtains have risen in popularity and are now a highly sought after option. But did you know that aside from standing out on their own, they also pair beautifully with roller blinds? If you’ve never thought about this combination before, it might well be worth taking a look at.

Aside from accentuating the visual appeal of your space, sheer curtains with roller blinds also offers functional benefits. When applying window furnishings anywhere either on their own or as a combo, it’s important to consider the room’s requirements. It’s safe to say that sheer curtains with roller blinds cater to both the practical needs and aesthetics. With better light control and privacy, you can instantly elevate the look and feel of any space. Plus, you have a wide range of colours, fabrics and patterns to choose from for the ideal match. 

So here, we aim to cover some of your burning questions, which are some of the most common we get.

1. Can you put sheer curtains over blinds?

In short, absolutely yes! Sheer curtains are seen as the more neutral option, as they’re light and typically chosen in whites and off-whites. Not only does this make the space feel more open, it also reflects light. So any rooms that are small or sun-facing stand to greatly benefit from sheer curtains. 

You can have fun with your roller blinds, opting for bright bold colours or patterns. You can also create a chic, elegant look with neutral tones. This is usually well-suited to minimalist themed spaces. It’s all about keeping things low-key, and this does exactly that. When the sheer curtains are drawn over your blinds, you’ll be able to still see the colours of the blinds underneath. Additionally, you can also open up your blinds fully during the day and close your sheers for light diffusion. It’s a handy little trick if you’re partial to roller blinds, but don’t want to leave them fully open through the day. This is also very useful when it comes to privacy. Though more transparent than blockout curtains, they still prevent some view-through from the outside in.

2. Can you have roller blinds and curtains?

Our answer to this one is whyever not?! In fact, nowadays it’s all about creating texture in a room by layering. When roller blinds and curtains are used at the same time, you get to double the character of a room. Moreover, you get to flex your interior design chops a bit more. There are so many different styles, designs and variations to choose from for something that truly reflects you. 

Some spaces that do well with this combination include bedrooms, living rooms, sunrooms and nurseries. However, this doesn’t mean it’s restricted only to these. It all depends on how you use each room in your home, and what’s right for you.

3. How do you hang curtains with roller blinds?

This one’s a simple and straightforward answer. When it comes to curtains and in this case sheer curtains, the higher and wider it is, the better. So you want to fit your curtains above the blinds and also the window frame. You can make use of curtain brackets and a curtain rod to hang your curtains. If you want to cover the brackets and rod, then you can also consider a pelmet. We recommend installing your roller blinds inside the window frame too for a neater and cleaner look.

Some hang their curtains from near the ceiling to create the illusion of height and therefore space. This makes for a stunning look, but have a think about whether it’s what you want. At the end of the day, it should be what you envision for the space.

4. Can you see through a sheer roller blind?

The first thing you should know is that there are three different types of roller blinds. These are blockout, sunscreen, and light filtering. If you hear the term ‘sheer roller blind’,’ then chances are it’s the latter two. 

The view-throughs for each of these two blinds differ. Sunscreen roller blinds retain views to the outside as well as daytime privacy. In the night when the lights come on however, this changes. Light filtering roller blinds on the other hand prevent views from the inside out and outside in as well. This option is usually great if you have a view you’d rather cover up without blocking light, or have windows facing the street or your neighbours. 

Both options do also let in natural light, so that makes them quite flexible.

5. How do you make sheer curtains look good on a wide window?

Honestly sheer curtains look so good without even trying, that all you need to do is place them right. When custom-measured and fitted for your specific windows, they’ll do the rest all on their own. 

If you have wide windows, you’re already in a great position. If you want a classy, distinguished and luxury look, we recommend going wall-to-wall. This works especially well if you have a row of wide windows. If you have just the one wide window, we recommend extending out a bit more from the frame. This will create a lovely framing, and when you tie the sheers back with tiebacks it’ll look so very elegant.

Of course you may have ideas of your own, and we invite you to brainstorm with us! Two heads are better than one as they say, and it couldn’t be truer in this instance. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. In the meanwhile, we hope the above has helped answer some for now.

Pairing Sheer Curtains with Roller Blinds
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