Handmade Blockout Curtains

Sumptuous AND Functional. Who Knew!

Wave Goodbye To Glare

Australia can feel like the sunniest place on Earth. Don’t get us wrong – we love its warm rays! Sometimes, though, you just need a break. Whether you’re trying to watch the cricket on TV without annoying screen glare or doing your best to enjoy a weekend sleep-in, from time to time we like to close our home off from the bright light of day. Luckily, there’s a perfect solution: Blockout Curtains.

Maximum Privacy

With their ability to block light, muffle noise, and give a room a sense of sophistication and luxury, Blockout Curtains are the go-to choice for areas where you need your privacy. If you want full control over the light, noise, and temperature of a certain space – whether it be your dining room, loungeroom, or home office – Blockout Curtains are here to help. The secret? The coated material behind the face of the fabric, made from a compound that completely prevents light from passing through.

Energy Efficient

Aussie weather can be unpredictable – it’s not uncommon to see all four seasons in one day. If you live in a home with lots of windows and do not have a curtain treatment installed, you could well be paying 50% more than you need to on your energy bills. Glass windows are poor insulators that allow both cold and warm air to pass through freely, which is why your home might be freezing in winter and sweltering in summer. Happily, the coated fabric of Blockout Curtains prevents this air transfer, giving your home added energy efficiency!

Snug & Stylish

Don’t get the wrong idea – Blockout Curtains aren’t just functional. Their name might make it sound like they’re only available in drab, dark colours, but that’s just not true! They have the potential to help make some serious style statements in your home. We’ve got an impressive range of colours and styles to help you enhance your living spaces, and you can further customise your curtain treatment by choosing how they stack or pairing them with sheers for a bit of flair and extra versatility. 

Australian Made

All our Blockout Curtains are made right here in our NSW factory. That means you can be sure your curtain treatment is perfectly suited for the Aussie sun. Our Blockout Curtains are premium quality and custom made. Plus, they’re all available online, which means no trekking around showrooms. Have a look and you’re sure to find something to suit your specific taste and existing living space. 

Do It Yourself (But Not Alone)

Our Wonderlux curtain products are designed with straightforward home assembly in mind. Follow our step-by-step measuring and installation guides and you’ll be enjoying your new Blockout Curtains in no time.

Made Locally

Made Locally

All of our roller blinds are made right here in Australia so you are supporting local business and getting a local quality product.

Dispatched In 14 Days

Saving you at least 3 to 4 weeks on the normal retail process for custom-made window furnishing.​

Up To 5 Year Guarantee

Up To 5 Year Guarantee

Enjoy full peace of mind when you purchase knowing that we stand behind our local quality roller blinds 100%.​

Up To 70% OFF Retail

Up To 50% OFF Retail

Normal retail prices are inflated because you are purchasing from the middle man who needs to pay staff and has many other expenses. At Wonderlux you are purchasing direct from the factory and we pass all of those savings onto you.

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