Australian-Made DIY Roller Blinds.

Save 50% and install them in 5 minutes. Too easy.


Modernize Your Space

Stylish, functional, and easy to install, DIY Roller Blinds will add serious value to your home and look great doing it.  With clean lines that sit perfectly against the wall or window, they offer an appealing minimal design, and will fit into difficult spaces with ease – helping small rooms feel less claustrophobic.

Style For Every Home

Whether you want something practical or you’re looking to refresh your  décor, we’ve got you covered. Our roller blind collection is made up of hundreds of colours, textures, and designs, so you you can be sure we’ve got something to fit your taste. From fun dinosaur prints for a newborn baby’s room to neutral pastels that will give your living room a sleek, modern ambience, the only limit is your imagination.

Take Control Of Your Privacy

Functionally, Roller Blinds are great because they allow you greater control over the amount of fresh air and sunlight you want to enter the room. Simply roll them up in the day to bask in the afternoon sun, and roll them down in the evenings to enjoy your living spaces away from prying eyes.

5-Minute Home Installation

Hopeless with DIY? No need to panic. All our premium roller blinds come with simple step-by-step instructions and tutorials you can play and pause as many times as you need. If you’ve ever assembled IKEA furniture, you’ll have our stuff installed in 5 minutes flat, even if you can’t tell a hammer from a pair of pliers. Plus, you’ll be cutting out the middle man by purchasing directly from our factory. This means you’ll get quality handmade Roller Blinds at up to 50% off normal prices!

Child Safe & 100% ACCC Compliant

At Wonderlux, we understand that children are naturally curious and know how important it is for a home to be kept child-safe and secure. That’s why all of our Roller Blinds are designed and manufactured according to the latest ACCC Child Safety Regulations. The same rigorous safety standards apply to our other product ranges, including Venetian BlindsVertical BlindsRoman BlindsPanel Glide BlindsBlockout Curtains, and Sheer Curtains

Blockout Roller Blinds

Roll them up when you want to enjoy the sun’s natural warmth and light. Roll them back down when you need privacy or a perfect night’s sleep. It’s that simple. 

Light Filter Roller Blinds

Also known as sunscreen blinds, light filter blinds are semi-transparent, meaning they let in just the right amount of natural sunlight. The result? A pleasant and inviting vibe in any room. 

Double Roller Blinds

Get the best of both worlds. Double Roller Blinds have dual layers, allowing you to enjoy the sunlight when you want it, but giving you privacy when you need it. 

Made Locally

Made Locally

All of our roller blinds are made right here in Australia so you are supporting local business and getting a local quality product.

Dispatched In 14 Days

Dispatched In 14 Days

Saving you at least 3 to 4 weeks on the normal retail process for custom-made window furnishing.​

Up To 5 Year Guarantee

Up To 5 Year Guarantee

Enjoy full peace of mind when you purchase knowing that we stand behind our local quality roller blinds 100%.​

Up To 70% OFF Retail

Up To 50% OFF Retail

Normal retail prices are inflated because you are purchasing from a middle man who needs to pay his staff and other expenses. At Wonderlux you are purchasing direct from the factory - and we pass all of those savings onto you.

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