Handmade Sheer Curtains

Luxury without the hefty price tag. Go on, you deserve it.

Create An Ambiance

Your home is your sanctuary.  It follows that it should also be a reflection of your own individual style. One of the best ways to enhance the existing decor of your living spaces is through window dressings – and when it comes to window dressings, sheer curtains are the reigning champ. Whether you’re looking for a way to add some neutral sophistication to your room or want something a little more playful, you can’t go wrong with a sheer curtain with beautiful S-wave folds.  

Airy & Elegant

The benefits of sheer curtains are pretty much limitless. Put them in your bedroom or dining room to ensure that each space stays bright and ventilated, or use them to add texture and softness to your living room.  Our premium quality sheers act as a gentle filter for harsh light, partnering well with just about any sort of furnishing for a soothing, mellow effect.

Fashionable & Functional

Sheer curtains can serve a different purpose depending on the area of the home in which you install them. This makes them wonderfully versatile – whether it’s to diffuse natural light, divide a spacious room, create UV protection, or soften harsh feature, sheer curtains can do it all. Use them to add a bit of flair to your walk-in wardrobe, or hang them across the entire length of a wall to open up the space. 

Two Birds, One Stone

Combine sheer curtains with blockout curtains to enjoy the best of both worlds. The sheers can be use in the day to maintain style and make the most of natural light, while the lined curtains can be used to maintain privacy in the evenings and for an extra layer of protection on sunny days. 

Tailored Sizing & Simple Installation

Life is short, so each of our Wonderlux curtain products are designed with straightforward home assembly in mind. Simply follow our step-by-step tutorials and you’ll be astonished and how quickly you’re enjoying your new sheers!

Made Locally

Made Locally

All of our roller blinds are made right here in Australia so you are supporting local business and getting a local quality product.

Dispatched In 14 Days

Saving you at least 3 to 4 weeks on the normal retail process for custom-made window furnishing.​

Up To 5 Year Guarantee

Up To 5 Year Guarantee

Enjoy full peace of mind when you purchase knowing that we stand behind our local quality roller blinds 100%.​

Up To 70% OFF Retail

Up To 50% OFF Retail

Normal retail prices are inflated because you are purchasing from the middle man who needs to pay staff and has many other expenses. At Wonderlux you are purchasing direct from the factory and we pass all of those savings onto you.

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