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Control Sunlight With a Twist

Vertical blinds are the perfect window furnishing for large spaces such as windows and sliding doors. Available in blade widths of 89mm or 127mm, their large vertical slats can be rotated 180 degrees with a simple twist of a cord, allowing you to control the amount of privacy and light you need in a room.

That means you can enjoy some gentle sunlight while being protected from direct UV rays, or opt for a little more direct sunlight by stacking the slats to the side.

Something To Suit Every Style

With our incredible range of fabrics in various colours, patterns and textures, we’ll customize your vertical blinds to suit your style and décor. Want a little extra shading? No problem, we’ll add in a blockout backing at your request.

With so many options, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect look to complement your home.

  • Full light and view control
  • Custom-made in Australia
  • Available in Australia’s finest selection of blockout fabrics 
  • Order direct from the factory and save up to 70% OFF retail
  • Wide range of fabric to match and enhance any decor
  • 100% child safe cord or wand control 
  • Maximum width 2,092mm, maximum drop 3,000mm
  • Suitable for any room in your home

Things to Note: Please note that the actual width of the fabric will be approximately 35mm less than the overall blind width ordered, this is to allow for the brackets and operating mechanism.

Our guarantee is our promise

Because we believe in the premium quality of our blinds, curtains and shutters, these products come with a free 5-year extended warranty. This also includes parts which originally only had a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty. “But what about your electronic remote controls and motors,” you ask. You won’t need to worry about defects, broken remotes or malfunctioning because they too are guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase (batteries excluded).

A bit of fine print

As with most things in life, our guarantee comes with a few simple terms and conditions. It excludes the following:
  • Damage caused by accidents
  • Damage due to alterations
  • Damage caused by misuse
  • Damage caused by exposure to elements
  • Daily wear and tear
  • Dyes and normal fading of fabrics
  • Damage due to products being fitted in a non-domestic setting
  • Issues resulting from not following instructions correctly with regards to measurement, installation, cleaning or maintenance.

Legal matters

Should your goods exhibit any major failure, you are entitled to a replacement or refund, and you can be compensated for any loss or damage that you think is imminent. Should the quality of your goods not be up to standard, while not resulting in any major failure, it is still your right to have your goods repaired or replaced. The guarantee offered by us form part of the Australian Consumer Law and we trust that you’ll see it as reasonable and easy to understand. Should you have any problems with one of our products, our dedicated customer services team are here to assist.

Did you know? Thousands of children still to this day are hurt in a window blind cord related incident every year.

Therefore, at Wonderlux all of our blinds are manufactured with safety in mind. That’s why, where necessary, your blinds will come with various safety devices for you to install to make sure they are as safe as possible.

Details of how to install the devices are always included in our installation guides and our customer service team are on hand should you need any further advice.

Verticals Balmoral Armour
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