Some Common Myths About Blinds

It’s likely that over time you’ve heard some common myths about blinds that’s putting you off from getting them. And seeing as how the Internet is rife with opinions and misinformation, it’s hardly surprising. You may also have seen plenty of strangers having passionate arguments over this same topic, leaving you none the wiser. 

After seeing some such threads that left us scratching our heads, we decided to clear things up. So we put together this list that we think will help straighten it all out. Here we cover some common concerns, in the hopes that it’ll ease some confusion.

1. They Are Hard to Install

It’s almost a reflex, to panic when you see ‘DIY’ in front of something. You start envisioning and assuming the worst instantly. Perhaps it’s this attitude that prevents us from taking the leap.

Though once-upon-a-time blinds could only be installed by the pros, today this isn’t the case. In fact, DIY blinds are what we specialise in and we can tell you confidently they’re easy to install. Yes, even if you’ve never done anything like this before. When it comes to how to install window blinds, so long as you measure accurately, the fitting will be a breeze. It’s essential to ensuring your blinds fit effortlessly when you’re ready to hang them up.

2. They Are Hard to Clean 

Absolutely not true! On the contrary, blinds are quite easy to clean. Simply dusting them with a duster or microfibre cloth will do the trick. A hand vacuum will also help with a more thorough clean. For stubborn stains, use a damp cloth and ensure the blinds are completely dry when you’re done. This process is much easier than washing curtains for instance, which have to be removed fully. Look up how to clean roller blinds to get started.

3. There Are Few Choices in the Market 

Again, a common misconception. There are a dizzying array of types and styles available, with plenty for you to choose from. The sheer variety will allow you to customise your window blinds just the way you want. Additionally, you’ll be able to narrow them down based on the need. For instance, timber-look Venetians are a great way to add style to a bathroom while panel glide blinds suit sliding doors. Double-roller blinds are for the best of both worlds anywhere in your home.

4. They Are Not Long-lasting and Can Break Easily 

Cheap, off-the-shelf blinds may well succumb to this, but not custom-made luxury blinds like we do at Wonderlux. Most retail stores outsource production to other countries, so quality is debatable while prices are marked up. When they are locally manufactured like ours are, they’re made to stringent local quality standards. Additionally, as there are no middlemen involved whatsoever, you’ll have custom-made blinds for up to 70% off the retail price. Our blinds have been tested for resilience, ensuring they’ll last for a long time to come. We’re so sure of their longevity that we offer generous 10-year guarantees on all our products. 

5. You Can’t Have Them in Your Home if You Have Small Children

We understand all too well that curious little minds are like. And we know that their safety is your utmost priority. Taking this into consideration, our blinds are all 100% child-safe. Designed and manufactured as per the latest ACCC safety regulations, they help ensure a safe and secure home. We also apply the same rigours for all our products, so you’re always assured with peace of mind.

blockout roller blinds

And there you have it. Some of the most pressing concerns most have around blinds and their suitability. We hope that helps iron out some doubts, and of course if you have more we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance, our team has a wealth of knowledge they’re waiting to share. We can assist with all your queries and concerns no matter what they may be. Go ahead and explore the widest range of custom-made roller blinds right here with us.

Some Common Myths About Blinds
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