Timber Venetian Blinds Online: A Durable, Stylish Option


Are you sick of the way your windows look? Finding that your spaces feel bare and boring as a result? If the answer’s yes, and you’re looking for a way to refresh your windows with some timeless sophistication, then Timber Venetian Blinds Online should be near the top of your list. 


You’ll probably recognise the horizontal slats and neat mechanism of Timber Venetian Blinds Online straight away. They’re a hugely popular window furnishing option, largely due to their clean visual lines and their ability to rotate 180 degrees, giving you versatile control over the amount of heat and light you want to allow into any given room. The real boon here is versatility – the Venetian blind is suitable for just about any space in your home and can be swiftly adjusted in order to fit any design scheme. 



You might have seen Venetian Blinds advertised in a range of available materials – from real timber and aluminium through to PVC. Each of these options have their pros and cons. Real timber, for instance, offers an unbeatable luxury aesthetic that’s tough to pass up – who doesn’t love the look and feel of oak and the way that it adds to the ambience of your home? 

Timeless Elegance With Timber Venetian Blinds Online


It pays to keep in mind, however, that timber can warp, spot, and fade over time, even with repeated layers of varnish applied. If any rooms in your home are prone to moisture, it’s far wiser to opt for an aluminium or PVC option to ensure optimum water resistance. If you want your DIY Venetian Blinds Online to have all the visual appeal of real timber with the added durability and moisture-resistance of metal, go PVC. You’ll never know the difference – and it’ll be far cheaper than the alternative. 


Continuing with the theme of versatility, Timber Venetian Blinds Online allow you greater control over the amount of light you want to enter your home. Rather than having only two options when it comes to adjusting light – open and closed, which is the case with most fabric blinds – you can angle the horizontal slats of the Venetian to get optimum light and privacy depending on the time of day. This allows you to allow light to stream into a room, gently filter it for afternoon ambience, or keep it out completely in the evenings. With DIY Venetian Blinds, you get 180 degrees of freedom


Plus – they’re low maintenance, and everybody loves that! Venetian Blinds are amongst the easiest window furnishings to clean. You can either vacuum the slats individually from time to time to remove gradual build-ups of dust and dirt, or use a damp cloth and mild detergent for more stubborn stains. None of the bother of having to disassemble your window furnishings and take the fabrics by themselves to be dry cleaned – you can do it yourself with maximum ease and efficiency. 


Now – where to put them? DIY Venetian Blinds Online are a suitable choice for spaces where you need a broad spectrum of available light, and where your light needs might vary throughout the day. This makes them a fantastic choice for bedrooms – where you want the light to filter in gently in the day, but want to ensure total darkness for a good night’s rest. Best of all, DIY Venetian Blinds are a great choice for preventing pesky glare streaks across your television or computer screen. When it comes to fitting, you can get the DIY Venetian Blinds installed either in a recess fit within your window frame or face-fitted on the front of the architrave. 


There you have it – you’re now all caught up on DIY Venetian Blinds! If you think they’d be the perfect window furnishing solution for your home, check out our range here or get in touch with one of our experts

Timber Venetian Blinds Online: A Durable, Stylish Option
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